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Working on outside Projects

2010-07-12 15:14:00 by K-A-Studios

Hi guys and girls who are reading this. I'm currently working on outside project and also hive started out to do something in fruityloops. Maybe a new flash also will come who knows because my time is like very solicited in this time and also in september i'm going back to school.

Thanks all folks

Leave comments if you have heart for that :p

God Bless all of you except the one's who are ban!


Hey peoples!

2009-08-16 03:20:35 by K-A-Studios

You know, from the time i started to check the audio portal i found some good artist out there. Why you need to pirate commercial liscence when you can have some free made by the people of everyday who do it for fun and experience, and with the help of the NG Staff who made that possible. Those of the master of the portal music for me are : ParagonX9 (got all hissong), Chronamut (That i just discovered not long ago), Skymarshall with is classic : Gaming Forever and Farscape, Envy with his Heaven RD2 (NG mix) and F-777. Those people are making great song, for my favorite style is dance. Let's thanks them all to share to us all their song.

Hey folks

2008-10-08 20:57:27 by K-A-Studios

So there is my first post on this page, well i don't know what to talk about right now...

Exept I Like NG